May the 14th


I drove to the site of Drylab yesterday, the 13th of May. Along the way, I picked up interested parties. One woman we found skipping rocks by the road side, so now her name is Skip. My hope is that I will find evidence soon and I can leave this place. As a government agent, I am used to a life of chocolate chip cookies and long, scented showers. This place doesn’t even have running water. We only have four gallons a day per person, one of which is delegated to communal use. At least the others are aware of the problems that creates. Most of the conversation yesterday that wasn’t about water was about how to pee standing up.

I have made myself the cook. If need be, I can poison those who threaten my true identity. Someone left a present in my room and I am worried there is a surveillance device within. I have hung it on my wall so whoever is gathering the information will think they are seeing all of me. They will never suspect that I am conducting my own surveillance on them.

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