We have been here for a week, and our water supply is holding up. No one has been using their full three gallons a day, and even the communal water has a surplus. It hasn’t gotten too hot yet though, so I foresee as it heats up, we will be drinking/using more water. I “showered” the other day and only used 1.5 gallons. Makes me reflect on my 10-minute long showers back in the day and cringe – what a waste of water.

Since leaving the city, I have had little contact with the outside world, which is good – I would prefer not to be found. Mid-week we had some newcomers that claimed they had heard of our space but wouldn’t tell us how or where. Any of these women could be spies, and I have a bounty on my head. Never doubt how low the government will go.

The last I saw my husband, he was headed to the Rocky Mountains. I chose to stay back from this mission and hold down the home front, which is probably why I am writing now and my husband is missing. See, we are part of a rebel force. You can think of us like Robin Hood – taking water from the wealthy and giving it to the poor. The US hasn’t changed much as far as the distribution of wealth, except that it’s gotten worse. The wealthy are even wealthier, and they control the water and the government. Maybe what’s changed is that we all know of the corruption now, whereas back in the day, we seemed to either ignore it or be ignorant of its existence. But I believe in a great quality of life for all, and I will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. My husband and I stepped up and joined the resistance sometime in 2017. We do what we can, and we knew this was a possibility six years ago. For now, I still need to lay low, but if nothing changes, I may leave in a few weeks to search for him.

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