May the 24th


We had visitors today.

They spoke of such illegal activities. Crossing the border, carrying food. They even said they did not bring their technological devices just so they would not be searched.

I feel I should report them, but they brought gifts just for the purpose of carrying them to those who could use them. They were kind and we ate their food. And therein lies the danger. Gifts and eating together builds companionship. I never understood how people could be so taken in by wrongful actions. Now I realize, it’s not the actions they are taken in by, it’s the people. After all, if the people who commit those actions are so kind in person, their actions must not be so harmful to society, right? I will report them in my next correspondence.


The strangest thing was that despite all the wonderful foods they brought, salmon, cheese, chocolate, it was our own strawberries I took the most delight in eating.

Just strawberries. So simple. Just strawberries. But strawberries.


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