This Morning We Rose to Find a Strange Sky.

This morning we rose to find a strange sky. It was dimmer than usual and the light reflected off of the mountain side appeared in hues of blue. Ominous clouds overhead. One by one we gather to the porch, quietly. Gather to greet the day and each other in a calm as our energy builds. Books are read, drawings and paintings ensue, conversation amounts.

Today an unnatural boom of sound waves traveled across the lowlands and echoed back from the mountains through the valley.


Bombs were being detonated nearby and an unsettling parallel presented itself. Here, in our community we gather in peace to find solutions. Through our working habits of harmony we live with the land, while the world outside pays to destroy it. Dissolving concepts of unified participation.

Hope, however, remains firm on the homestead. So, we carry on with compassion and contemplate how the world can join us. We know that with nightfall brings a new morning where we will gather on the porch. See you there.


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