I ventured out into the open desert with a couple of the girls.

Walking to fill the time and to feel time.

Not looking for anything in particular, just learning our space.

We came across multiple dump piles. Some look like fallen structures. Others, garbage intentionally brought to be discarded, and some, things that were loved but needed to be left behind.

We approached an arrangement of rusted cans, on the edge laid a composition of random scraps that really caught my eye, I snapped a photo.



This composition stayed in mind for quite awhile.

The arrangement. So simple, so abstract, so familiar.

I don’t like to draw, or at least that’s what I tell people. I like to doodle. It helps clear my mind, it helps me focus, it helps alleviate my stress.

I was looking through my things and there it was in one of my old stress doodles.

The peculiar resemblance made me smile.




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