The need to live with less water isn’t ruled by a set of operating instructions on just how to do it, it requires learning and most of us have never had to live with less water, so, how did you prepare yourself?

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When we arrived to the motel, Severin left behind several resources for us, including Ostrom’s design principles for sustaining the commons. We are also being very intentional about being cooperative, checking in often with each other so that we do not create conflict between each other.

What kind of contact do you have with the outside?

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We do not have internet or cell phone service on site, to access cell service it requires a ten-minute bicycle ride and even then, the service is spotty. We do have a car, but with limited funds for gas, so we only leave to get groceries.

I wonder about those individuals who are more active and like to expend energy- thus requiring more intake. How will those other individuals respond to the ones needing additional fluid? I would be very interested to know about the behaviors.

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We each have three gallons to use for personal use, as of right now we have had surplus each day. We have 8 gallons of communal water should someone not have enough. We are aware of how much energy we are using and trying to conserve it. For example, if one of us goes on

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