June the 8th

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June the 8th I turned them in. I don't know what for, or why. They did nothing wrong that I saw, but the organization will find a reason. But here's the thing. The organization could send in planes, helicopters, even drones. But where we are, those things would be seen miles

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June the 6th

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June the 6th I am sad. And tired. So tired. I had come into this filled with a sense of duty and the desire to commit shameful acts for the benefit of many. They are shameful because I am a betrayer. I know that. I secreted myself among them, picking

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June the 3rd

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June the 3rd   These women are infuriating. They speak of companionship and community, but they are blind to the tragedies of themselves. Skip is silent and does not speak. She might have a glorious inner life, but who would know? Jack mourns someone who will never come and is

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June the 1st

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June the 1st Someone has done this to me. I will find them. They will pay. The security here is abysmal. Moso has begun locking her room and I wonder why. None of the windows lock, however, so I climbed in. As I stood in her room, about to investigate,

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May the 29th

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May the 29th flames roar down the road tractor seated stationary little white houses all in a row tree in a field of dirt ladder against cement cafe sign bright orange mountains, blue shadows ravens on the roof barbed wire tea green spotted cinder block home

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May the 27th

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May the 27th   There is something more in the box, I think. I see things at the corner of my eyes and when I turn my head to look, nothing is there. I was sent here because the organization I work for had heard of strange accounts in the

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May the 24th

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May the 24th   We had visitors today. They spoke of such illegal activities. Crossing the border, carrying food. They even said they did not bring their technological devices just so they would not be searched. I feel I should report them, but they brought gifts just for the

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May the 23rd

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May the 23rd Words. The box was filled with words. Long, twisted strips of paper forming tangled sentences. I took the box back with me and in the privacy of my room, sorted through the contents. I was missing for hours and no one came looking for me. I take

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May the 21st

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May the 21st I ventured into the desert today. I have not walked in it much, out of fear of being alone with the wind and myself. I saw a woman, walking in the distance.   She had hair blowing in the wind and across her face. She wore clothes

May the 18th

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May the 18th   I am now aware of the danger of these people. And the other day, two more arrived. They weren't willing to say how they knew of this place. When the strange women came, we discussed allowing them to enter our cabal (it is not mine, of

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