May the 14th

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May the 14th   I drove to the site of Drylab yesterday, the 13th of May. Along the way, I picked up interested parties. One woman we

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May the 15th

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May the 15th Terrible wind kept us all up last night, with horrendous bangings and doors slamming in the middle of the night, and the train

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May the 17th

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May the 17th The sunset was beautiful last night. Swaths of orange and purple cloud, the blue sky and the faded greens and beiges of

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May the 18th

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May the 18th   I am now aware of the danger of these people. And the other day, two more arrived. They weren't willing to say how

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May the 23rd

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May the 23rd Words. The box was filled with words. Long, twisted strips of paper forming tangled sentences. I took the box back with me and in

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May the 24th

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May the 24th   We had visitors today. They spoke of such illegal activities. Crossing the border, carrying food. They even said they did not bring

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May the 27th

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May the 27th   There is something more in the box, I think. I see things at the corner of my eyes and when I turn my

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May the 29th

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May the 29th flames roar down the road tractor seated stationary little white houses all in a row tree in a field of dirt ladder against

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June the 1st

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June the 1st Someone has done this to me. I will find them. They will pay. The security here is abysmal. Moso has begun locking her room

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June the 3rd

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June the 3rd   These women are infuriating. They speak of companionship and community, but they are blind to the tragedies of themselves. Skip is silent and

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June the 6th

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June the 6th I am sad. And tired. So tired. I had come into this filled with a sense of duty and the desire to commit shameful

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June the 8th

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June the 8th I turned them in. I don't know what for, or why. They did nothing wrong that I saw, but the organization will find a reason.

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